Since we started the first in 1952 was our eyes watching the world markets and pursue all that is new in the world of power tools we used to races always to feed the Palestinian market and to meet the needs of the markets, what is new and distinctive, Vmaan company inexhaustible and a tireless and fatigue became our thanks to God Almighty a leading Palestinian companies in this area still do not follow all that is modern and we are working to provide and we also provide parts for all electrical appliances that we are importing and maintenance work to do so.

Because of the success achieved by the company we were opening our branches in all parts of the country Vuklaana scattered in all parts of this country to provide all that is special and as soon as the time and effort

Our company has developed and then became the availability of parts for the gas crisis and all necessary extensions of the internal Vtoaqmana professional and administrative nearly one hundred and fifty day and night up and running at full strength to serve the Palestinian citizen

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