Originated HamzaShahin Co. for electric appliances and gas in 1952, since then the company has been able to increase the number of its branches and services and geographic coverage to include most areas of the country, until it became the name of HamzaShahin hesitate in the minds of all users of household electrical appliances and gas.
Access to 100% customer satisfaction and to mention our name as soon as there is the need for a quality product, whether the quality of the product or service quality, in the field of household electrical appliances and gas.
Our mission:
Meet the needs of the Palestinian consumer in all the necessary home of gas or electrical equipment with global names and high quality classified better electrical appliances in the world

Our goals:
• Access customer service to Summit
• Access to the lowest customer complaint
• the ability to deliver our goods and services to all regions
• diversification of services and products to satisfy the needs and tastes of all customers
• be our showrooms are the best locally so that customers find all means of comfort when shopping

Our products:
Unique to our company to own sales and distribution rights for a range of the best brands on the regional and international level, and these signs holds the highest international classifications in terms of quality and quality for decades.
Our products are varied in terms of usage and fall under the following groups:
Air conditioners, refrigerators, gas ovens, heaters, monitors, TVs, vacuum cleaners, recorders, household kitchen, Appliances, and many home appliances that meet the needs of most segments of society.
Then evolved our company then became parts availability crisis of gas and all necessary internal extensions professional Vtoaqmana and administrative nearly number fifty percent up day and night and running at full strength to serve the Palestinian citizen


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